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It's time to talk about race

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

We write this post with heavy hearts. We see the pain, anger, and hopelessness felt by our community. As school counselors, we advocate for the equitable treatment of all students, recognize and honor the greatness of each student, and stand on the side of justice and equality.  As such, we feel it is vital to address what is happening in our country.

Right now, communities across the country are protesting against the unjust treatment of Black people. People are demanding the end of the systemic racism that plagues our nation.

Even if we don’t realize it, our children see what is going on and may be confused, frightened, or unsure of what to do. The way that you guide your kids during this time will depend on your family’s history and experiences. While the conversations in each home will differ, however, we strongly encourage you to have these critical conversations.  These discussions will be difficult but important!

There are many resources on the internet for talking to your kids about race, and these are only a few.  Please find the resources that resonate with you first. Remember, this is not a check-box conversation, and conversations about race, racism, prejudice, privilege, and equity should be had often.

As the school counselors of your children, we pledge to support them through any obstacle they may encounter. We believe that all students deserve an ethical, equitable, and inclusive school environment, and we’ll continue to work to ensure this for every ICSAtlanta student. 


Heather Johnson and Elissa Keller

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