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BLUE TICKETS...and why you keep finding them in your house

Hello Lower Campus Parents! Today, I thought we could talk about those small blue pieces of paper that you keep finding in your house...BLUE TICKETS!

Our positive behavior program is based on identifying individual and group positive behaviors and rewarding those behaviors with a ticket. When an entire class displays positive behaviors the class will earn a yellow ticket. When a student displays positive behaviors, the student can earn a blue ticket.

Our blue tickets may seem minor, but they can be cashed out for some exciting rewards!

Each students is able to choose how he or she uses the blue tickets. Here are the options.

1. Friday Raffle-Students can place their blue ticket(s) in their grade level's basket on Thursday or Friday morning. On Friday morning, Mrs. Severine (LC Director) will draw 2 tickets from each basket. The winners are able to come to the school store and choose any item from the school store.

2. Individual Reward list- Students can save their blue tickets and cash them out for an experience from the list below:

3. The Wolf Den- Students can save their blue tickets and use them to purchase an item from the "Wolf Den" a cart PACKED with fun things from the school store. The Wolf Den rolls around on the last Friday of each month, giving students time to save those tickets!

Also, we collect all of the blue tickets that are cashed in and work towards a school-wide reward. We are currently very close to reaching our first school-wide reward! Go LC!

Blue tickets are a fun way to recognize positive behaviors and allow kiddos to choose their reward! Some kids love the excitement of the Friday Raffle, while others prefer to save up their tickets to be a Front Desk Assistant.

The moral of this story is, don't throw away those blue tickets!

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